12 10, 2017

Switch to Windows 10 and control automatic updates

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Do you want to use Windows 10 on your broadcast PC but are you still using Windows 7 because of the automatic updates in Windows 10?

Windows 10 cannot be used on a broadcast PC because of its automatic updates. Automatic updates will get you a safe PC, that’s true, but it is not very nice that in the middle of the night your broadcast PC suddenly updates and restarts itself.

Because of this, many broadcast PC’s are still running Windows 7.

However in Windows 10, version 1703 Pro and Enterprise, it is much easier to control the automatic updates.

Check out this article:


27 06, 2017

Radio Metro from Norway switches to Caliope software

2017-11-22T10:21:22+00:00 June 27, 2017|News|

Radio Metro from Oslo, Norway has ordered OnAir Radio as their radio automation software and OnAir Spots for their commercial planning software. OnAir Radio and On Air Spots will be used for all of their 3 radio stations (Radio Metro, Radio Rox and The Beat). Radio Metro is broadcasting different commercials to 8 regions, where The Rox is broadcasting to 4 different regions.

The very efficient way in which Caliope’s software handles the broadcasting of commercials to 12 different regions was an important reason to make the switch. Today, many hours are now being spend on manually filling up gaps in the regions, in checking the playlists for correct endings and in manually copying commercials to the different regionalized players. All these manually steps are now replaced by an completely automated process, saving many hours a day.

On top of that, Radio Metro will also save on their infrastructure, going down from 20 servers to only 5. This not only saves investments in hardware, but also in the maintenance of the hardware.







23 06, 2017

Radio Osnabrueck orders software from Caliope

2017-11-22T10:21:22+00:00 June 23, 2017|News|

We are very proud to welcome a new customer from Germany: Radio Osnabrueck.

Radio Osnabrueck has ordered OnAir Radio as their radio automation software, OnAir Spots as their commercial scheduler and OnAir Web X to do remote voicetracking. Soon we will finish the implementation of the Ember+ protocol, so Radio Osnabrueck will be able to attach their DHD 52 console to OnAir Radio.

Radio Osnabrueck

10 03, 2017

Order for 18 radio stations from Rajasthan Patrika group, India

2017-11-22T10:21:22+00:00 March 10, 2017|News|

FM Tadka orders OnAir radio

Caliope is very pleased to announce that FM Tadka , a division of the Rajasthan Patrika group, a leading Hindi publisher from Jaipur, India, has ordered OnAir Radio as their radio automation software for all their 18 radio stations all across India. The main reason for Rajasthan Patrika to order OnAir Radio is that the software from Caliope fulfilled all the requirements for managing centralized FM radio.

Operating multiple stations from 1 central location with OnAir Radio

FM Tadka wanted to operate all their 18 stations from their headquarters in Jaipur. Because OnAir Radio is fully equipped for operating multiple stations from one central location, FM Tadka decided to order Caliope’s OnAir Radio. The 18 different playlists for all their 18 stations are made in Jaipur from one planner and one library. As soon as the playlist are made in Jaipur, all 18 stations will automatically load their own playlists. Any changes in a playlist will be automatically be synchronized to with the remote player. Commercials for all 18 stations are also planned in Jaipur and will also be automatically synchronized with the remote player of OnAir Radio.

adka FM - All 18 radio stations

Tadka FM – All 18 radio stations


Tadka FM - Formats for all 18 radio stations

Tadka FM – Formats for all 18 radio stations

Real-time and automatic propagation to all sites

There is no need to export playlists or commercial logs. All playlists are made and maintained in OnAir Radio in the Jaipur headquarters and all changes in playlists are automatically propagated to all 18 stations without any need for exporting or importing.

Tadka FM - Making playlists for all 18 radio stations

Tadka FM – Making playlists for all 18 radio stations

Music synchronisation

All music, jingles, promo’s and commercials are automatically synchronized  to all 18 radiostations. There is no need for FTP or copy actions from the server to the 18 stations. Everything is handled automatically.

Visit to Tadka FM

Of course, Caliope went to India to support Tadka FM with the installation and configuration.

Tadka FM Studio

Tadka FM Studio

Tadka FM DJs

Tadka FM DJs

Visiting India

Visiting India

Indian support from Pinecreek Technologies

The support in India was done by Somesh Kumar from Pinecreek Technologies, our technology partner in India.

Somesh Kumar from Pinecreek Technogies

Somesh Kumar from Pinecreek Technogies

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