22 01, 2018

2018-01-21T22:54:05+00:00 January 22, 2018|News|

Ede FM chooses OnAir Radio.

Ede FM has ordered OnAir Radio.
We are pleased to announce that Ede FM, a local radio station in The Netherlands, has ordered OnAir Radio.

12 10, 2017

Switch to Windows 10 and control automatic updates

2017-11-22T10:21:22+00:00 October 12, 2017|News|

Do you want to use Windows 10 on your broadcast PC but are you still using Windows 7 because of the automatic updates in Windows 10?

Windows 10 cannot be used on a broadcast PC because of its automatic updates. Automatic updates will get you a safe PC, that’s true, but it is not very nice that in the middle of the night your broadcast PC suddenly updates and restarts itself.

Because of this, many broadcast PC’s are still running Windows 7.

However in Windows 10, version 1703 Pro and Enterprise, it is much easier to control the automatic updates.

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