Radio Rilindja

2019-12-18T12:12:59+01:00November 15, 2018|

We are proud to welcome Radio Rilindja from Oslo, Norway in the Caliope family. Radio Rilindia has ordered OnAir Radio.

Radio KXIQ 105.1FM to use OnAir Radio

2019-12-18T12:26:50+01:00October 5, 2018|

We are proud to announce that Radio KXIQ 105.1FM from Brownsville, Texas, has ordered OnAir Radio. The preparations have started and within very short notice our customer will start broadcasting with OnAir Radio.

Hobby TV orders OnAir Spots

2019-12-18T12:31:12+01:00July 23, 2018|

We are proud to announce that Hobby TV from Prague, Czech Republic, has ordered OnAir Spots for their commercial planning. All three channels of SP Broadcasting are now using OnAir Spots (Mnam TV, Mnau TV and Hobby TV) [Read more...]

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