Belgian Radio Day 2018

2018-02-05T11:23:36+01:00February 5, 2018|

BELGIAN RADIO DAY It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the Belgian Radio Day 2018, organised by TVV SOUND. Registration is open to all members of the radio industry and to those outside the industry who wish [Read more...]

Ede FM chooses OnAir Radio

2018-10-05T11:36:28+02:00January 22, 2018|

Ede FM chooses OnAir Radio. Ede FM has ordered OnAir Radio. We are pleased to announce that Ede FM, a local radio station in The Netherlands, has ordered OnAir Radio.

Lokaal7 orders OnAir Radio

2017-11-22T10:21:22+01:00November 1, 2017|

Lokaal7, a local station in the south of The Netherlands, has ordered OnAir Radio. Using software that was not updated nor supported anymore, Lokaal7 decided to upgrade to OnAir Radio.

Fascination TV orders OnAir TV

2017-11-22T10:21:22+01:00October 26, 2017|

Canada based Fascination TV has ordered OnAir TV. FASCINATION TV is a Lifestyle Streaming Service dedicated to delivering diverse, curated, original trend-based Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel & Adventure, Entertainment and Documentary programming for inspired minds.