OnAir TV Planner

OnAir TV Planner is TV scheduling software for all kind of TV channels. By automating many aspects of the scheduling process this versatile TV scheduling software is the perfect choice for all channels that should be planned in a cost-efficient way.

The scheduling of your playlist will be done according to a set of ‘scheduling rules’. After the planning is done, the compiled playlists can be exported to a TV play-out system in a number of formats.

Library of OnAir TV Planner

The  library is the central storage for all your media assets, but the library also serves as a repository for other schedule items like promo’s, series, charts, fillers and commands.

The library not only stores all kind of scheduling  properties of items, it also stores legal information like start and end date of contracts and number of airings.


All Items can be previewed and edited in the editor.  Cue-points can be set easily.

Soft divisions

It is  possible to ‘soft divide’ items in multiple parts in the editor. Between the parts any other items can be placed like promo’s, events or random items from other categories. It is also possible to put placeholders for commercial breaks between the parts. This makes it very easy to divide items into multiple parts, put commercial placeholders in the appropriate positions and have them filled with commercials just before airing. This can be done fully automatic.

Composite items

Composite items can be used to ‘glue’ multiple items together.  Composite items can be used to make a single movie out of multiple ‘hard-divided’ items. Between every item all other kind of items can be placed like promo’s or commercial blocks. Besides glueing together hard-divided items, composite items also can be used to predefine an entire program.

Adding playlists

The planner takes care of making your playlists. Making playlists can be done manually or completely automatic. All playlists can be adjusted  by adding, editing and deleting items.

Editing playlists

Inserting items is easy, just drag and drop any item in your playlist. The software automatically recalculates the positioning of all items previous to and following the insert. All items that have been marked as ‘fixed’ will stay at exactly at the same position as before.

Filling gaps

Gaps in the playlist, for example between the end of a movie and the news that should start at a fixed time, can be filled automatically.

Planning Rules

The planning rules module is the place where you can define the templates of your TV station(s).

The OnAiur TV planner can plan your items in a variety of ways:

  • OnAir TV planner can schedule items or categories according to a pre-defined format.
  • OnAir TV planner can plan single items according to a pre-defined schedule (based on a premiere and re-runs).
  • On Air TV Planner can plan series fully automatic.
  • On Air TV Planner can plan charts fully automatic.
  • On Air TV Planner can automatically fill gaps.

Lega details

OnAir TV Planner stores legal details of items. The planner will not plan items that do not comply with the lehal start and end dates.

The planning rules module is your tool to make the templates for your playlists.


Multiple channels, localized content

OnAir TV planner can schedule for as many TV channels as you have licenses for. All assets are stored in the same database and so are all the broadcast schedules.You can manage all your channels with one software tool!
With our edition system, it is possible to make the same schedule for all regions, but to insert localized content like bumpers, news or commercials.
Export to your TV play-out system

Schedule as many days ahead as you would like and then export the logs to your play-out system with the export function.

With all the elaborate options, this tools ensures you perfect playlists.

The many possibilities allow you to manipulate the playlists the way you want without worrying about predictable patterns.

Multiple stations

It is possible to operate multiple stations with OnAir TV Planner. Using just one database, one library and planner it is easy to control as many TV stations or channels as you have licenses for.