MAM and scheduling software for TV channels

OnAir TV combines a sophisticated MAM and a powerful scheduling system for TV in one piece of software

Media Asset Management

The library is the central storage for all your media assets like clips, movies, documentaries, series and  promo’s,  All assets can be searched, filtered and sorted easily. Tools for importing and batch editing are available in order to manage your assets efficiently.

The editor

All items can be previewed and edited in the editor, all frame accurate. The editor is also the place where you assign metadata to your items, where you can soft-part your items and where you can attach other elements to items like promo’s or commercials.

Items can be attached to series and scheduled automitaccly later or they can be attached to ‘Airing templates’ in order to schedule them as a premiere and reruns.


All assets can be enriched with all the metadata that you need. The metadata will be used for the automated scheduling of your playlists, but also for EPG generation and reporting.


All items can be enriched with specific EPG data for different EPG scheme’s.

The EPG can be exported to the format of your provider.

Supported EPG scheme’s

  • Sky

  • Eutelsat

  • Virgin Media

  • Telenet

  • UnityMedia

  • UPC


Legal information

The library not only stores all kind of metadata of all the items, it also stores legal information about the items like start and end date of contracts and number of airings that are allowed.  The scheduler will enforce all te legal rules so you can be sure to be in compliance.

Statistics and logs

OnAir TV Planner will keep a list of all items that have been scheduled and will provide you with a range of reports about the airings of items.

The Scheduler

The scheduler is the part of the software that generates the playlist: With all the possibilities and its flexibilty OnAir TV is by far the most powerful scheduling software for TV

Scheduling Rules

The Scheduling rules module is the place where you define the clocks, formats and schedule rules of your TV stations. OnAir TV can schedule your items in a variety of ways:

  • OnAir TV can schedule items or categories according to a pre-defined format.

  • OnAir TV can plan single items according to a pre-defined schedule (based on a premiere and re-runs).

  • On Air TV can plan series fully automatic.

  • On Air TV can plan charts fully automatic.

  • On Air TV can automatically fill gaps.

  • OnAir TV let’s you make a schedule by drag and drop.

The clocks

The clocks are a basic building stone of your scheduling rules.
A clock is a set of rules that define how a certain part of your day will be scheduled. A simple rule in a clock is: Start with a promo and then start a movie.
All clocks can be ended with a Fixed Break. When a clock ends with a fixed break, the clock will always be exactly as long as the fixed break states. Any gaps that might occur will be filled up automatically.

Airing Templates

Airing templates are a set of placeholders used to schedule items according to a specific scheme. An example of an Airing template is:

Schedule the premiere on Saturday night at 10, repeat the item the next Thursday at 9 and repeat it again 2 weeks later on Tuesday at 8.

Every item that is attached to this Airing Template will follow this scheme, all with their own startdate.

Airing Templates makes it very easy to make a horizontal schedule: In this example you will have a premiere  every Saturday night and the movie will be repeated according to the scheme.

The only thing left to do is attaching an Airing template to a movie and set its first airing date.

Of course, you can have as many Airing Templates as you need.

Break patterns

Break patterns will schedule all breaks for you.

Break patterns are attached to Day Templates and will be executed at the Break pattern times

A break pattern is a set of rules that will fully automatic schedule promos and commercials depending on the time of the day, the length of the item and the break pattern rules.

The very efficient tool will make the placement of promo’s and commercials a lot more efficient then traditional TV scheduling software.

Connecting OnAir TV to the TV play-out software of your choice

We have created exporters to different playout systems like Cinegy, Playbox, Broadstream, GrassValley, TV Player and Rohde & Schwarz.

Besides these exporters we are also able to control the playout with VDCP and MOS.

Broadstream Oasys
Broadstream Oasys
GrassValley ITX
GrassValley ITX
Rohde and Schwarz
Rohde and Schwarz

Exporting EPG’s to your providers

When the playlists are generated, the EPG’s are automatically created in the formats of your provider.

EPG operators

OnAir TV is equipped with exporters for the following operators:


Day templates

Day templates define a day. A day template is a collection of clocks.

Multiple stations

Our TV scheduling software can schedule for as many TV channels as you have licenses for. All assets are stored in the same database and so are all the broadcast schedules. You can manage all your channels with only one software tool.

Highlights of OnAir TV

  1. OnAir TV is a user friendly TV scheduling software system and contains everything you need to schedule the playlists for your TV channel.
  2. OnAir TV automatically creates EPG’s for all your providers.
  3. OnAir TV has a build-in frame accurate editor.
  4. OnAir TV can make schedules for all kind of TV channels, ranging from music channels to category channels, teleshopping, worship and movie channels.
  5. Music channels can use our built-in extensive music scheduler to make the perfect playlists.
  6. OnAir TV can be connected to different kinds play-out software.
  7. Excellent support: We understand that support is vital in the broadcast industry. That is why we offer a complete support package which includes support by mail, Skype and Teamviewer, all updates and  all new versions of our software.
  8. Highly automated: OnAir TV is a highly automated system, making your operation very efficient and diminishing errors. OnAir TV will cut out unnecessary manual steps and will thus save you a lot of time.
  9. Multiple stations: Besides regular scheduling, OnAir TV excels in the operating of multiple stations. Every station uses the central database and can be controlled from a central place.
  10. Low Total Cost of ownership (TCO): Using OnAir TV means a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): The software is easy to learn, so no expensive training is required. The software needs almost no support from technicians which can keep your labor costs low.  Because OnAir Radio is a complete package that contains everything you need to prepare your broadcast you save money on separate packages and hence integration costs and efforts. Most important of all: The high degree of automation will save you a lot of time.

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