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Voice tracking in a browser

OnAir WebX

With OnAir WebX you can record and edit your voice tracks form anywhere in the world with only a browser and a microphone. It is possible to listen to the previous and next song while recording. Recorded voice tracks can be edited. No software needs to be installed and no special requirements like a VPN connection to the studio is needed.

To start remote voice tracking just open your browser, go to the OnAir Web X page and provide your credentials to log in.

The main screen of the OnAir WebX

After you are logged in the main screen with the playlists are visible. Just select the line where you want to begin with remote voice tracking and the wave forms are shown. The previous song and the next songs are loaded so you can listen to the outro of the previous song. Of course, it is also possible to listen to the intro of the next song while you are recording.

Recording  of your voice tracks

The previous song and the next songs are loaded so you can listen to the outro of the previous song while recording. During recording it is possible to start the next song at any time to enable you to talk over the intro of the next song. Remote voice tracking with our OnAir WebX is just as easy as it is in the studio.

zoom in to edit your remote voice tracks

The zoom factor of the voice tracks will go up to a factor 30 and this enables you to edit the recording very precisely. It is possible to cut or delete parts of the recorded item, it is possible to insert a piece of silence and of course, it is possible to cut off the beginning and end. The latter can also be done automatically.

Technical background

OnAir WebX, our remote voice tracking software, is entirely built on HTML5. This means that it will run on every modern pc, tablet or even mobile phone. No plug-ins or external software is needed.

All audio is streamed to the clients, thus keeping bandwidth usage low.

As a radio station you only need to install the OnAir WebX Server. This piece of software takes care of all the communication between OnAir Radio and the end user.

The OnAir WebX Server will take care of placing the recorded voice tracks into the playlists. This is done fully automatic and real-time.



To keep all data safe the communication between the server and the clients is done over https. This means that you need a certificate for your site.

Fixed IP address

The server on which the OnAir WebX server is installed upon needs a Fixed IP address.

Supported browsers

For the moment only Chrome is fully tested and hence supported. The OnAir WebX migth work on other browsers as well.