A complete in-store music software solution

OnAir Store is our state of the art in-store music software solution for companies that want to provide in-store music services to their clients.

With this turn-key in-store music software solution you can run and manage your in-store music operation in an efficient way.

Outline of the In-Store system

The OnAir Store system consists of 4 pieces of software:

  1. The back Office: The Back Office contains all the music and playlists. The Back Office is installed on a PC or server at your premises.
  2. The OnAir Server: The OnAir Server is the communication layer between your Back Office and the Players. The OnAir Server is installed on a PC or server at your premises.
  3. The OnAir Dashboard: The OnAir Dashboard is the dashboard for managing all the players. The OnAir Dashboard is installed on a PC or server at your premises.
  4. The OnAir Store Player: The OnAir Store player will play the music or playlists. The OnAir Store Player is installed on a PC at your customer premisis.

Optionally you can install OnAir Spots. With OnAir Spots you can easily ingest commercial into the playlists.


The back Office, the OnAir Server and the OnAir Dashboard will run on Windows 10 or any version of Windows server.

The OnAir Store player is hardware independant. This means that you can choose any computer you like for the OnAir Store player. The OnAir Store player runs on both Windows (7,8 and 10) and Linux.

min pc Intel NUC

The player

The OnAir Store player is a piece of software that plays the music. The OnAir Store player is installed on a computer at your customer’s premises.

Local storage of music

The music is stored locally so you can guarantee your customers an uninterrupted music experience. All music will be downloaded automatically by the OnAir Store player. No manual interaction is required, neither from you nor from your client.

Automated or manual mode

The OnAir Store player can be operated in either automated or manual mode.

Automated mode

In automated mode the OnAir Store player will play the predefined playlists that are generated by the OnAir Store back-end software. Together with your customer you choose the music that fits your customers formula. Promo’s or commercials can be inserted as well.

The playlists will be downloaded by the OnAir Store player and the personel in the shop cannot influence the music. This mode is mostly used for chains where the music will be carefully chosen and have to fit into the customers’s formula.

Manual mode

In manual mode the personel in the store can chose their own music. They can choose from a set of predefined playlists but are also able to play a single item (for example a birthday song). It is also possible to do inserts (like a commercial or a promo). Playlists can be scheduled with the calendar function so tghey will be loaded automatically at predefined times. Every time a playlist is loaded  the playlist will be shuffled automatically.

The back-office software

The OnAir Store back-end software will be installed at your office. The OnAir Store back-office software is the place where you store all the music and where you manage the playlists for your customers.

The OnAir Store back-end consist of a Library, Playlist builder and a dashboard.

The Library

The Library of OnAir Store is the central storage to manage all your music items. Easily add new items by drag and drop. MP3 tags are automatically read.


The Editor

A wave form will be created which helps you in cueing the item. Add attributes like tempo, genre, mood etc. Pre-listen to all items and cue them to perfection with the ‘autocue’ function. All kind of metadata which is used for the scheduling can be attached to the item easily.

The Playlist Builder

The Playlist Builder module is the tool to define the playlists for your customers. You can make as many playlists as you want. You could make general playlists like ‘Morning Sounds’, ‘Cocktail time’, ‘Easy listening’ etc, but you can also make customer specific playlist like ‘Store X morning playlist’, Store X Afternoon playlist’, ‘Restaurant Y weekend playlist’ etc.

Day template

The Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of all your players and its status. The dashboard is also the central storage of information about the players like its location,  telephone number, location manager, software version, opening-times of the location etc. The dashboard can update the player software automatically. The dashboard can also store the Teamviewer ID for remote access. For comfortable acces, Teamviewer can be called directly from the dashboard.

in-store dashboard

OnAir Store Questions

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