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Software for radio stations

OnAir Radio is our fully integrated radio automation software system for radio stations of all sizes. OnAir Radio contains everything you need to run your radio station: a play-out, a music scheduler, multiple carts, a jingle machine, an audio logger, a music library, a cross-over editor and integrated RDS. Besides this, OnAir Radio excels in operating multiple stations and in the broadcasting of localized editions to different regions.

OnAir Spots is our radio automation software system for the scheduling of commercials for radio stations. OnAir Spots is an user friendly and highly automated system, making the scheduling of your commercials an efficient process. Besides scheduling commercials for stations of all sizes, OnAir Spots excels in the planning of commercials for multiple stations and in the planning of different commercials for different regions.

With OnAir WebX you can record and edit your voice tracks form anywhere in the world with only a browser and a microphone. It is possible to listen to the previous and next song while recording and recorded voice tracks can be edited. No software needs to be installed and no special requirements like a VPN connection to the studio is needed.

OnAir Desk is the bridge between your broadcast software and the outside world. With OnAir Desk it is possible to publish your now-playing and your playlist to your website and app. OnAir Desk also makes it easy for your audience to rate items, vote for charts and Interact via Facebook.