Radio Network Nederland

Location: Sneek, The Netherlands

Radio Network Nederland is a Dutch company operating 10 radio stations. Some of these stations broadcast different commercials to different regions. The total amount of regions is 35.

Operating 10 radio stations and 35 regional editions in The Netherlands

With OnAir Radio and OnAir Spots these 10 radio stations and 35 regional editions are managed in a very efficient way. The scheduler generates the playlists for the 10 stations and the 35 commercial players are being used to manage all the regions.

OnAir Spots is used to schedule the commercials for the 10 stations and 35 editions.

The process is completely autonomous. Without the software from Caliope it would not have been possible to run 10 stations and 35 editions in the very efficient and reliable way it is done now.

FM Tadka

Location: Jaipur, India

FM Tadka , a division of the Rajasthan Patrika group, a leading Hindi publisher from Jaipur, India, uses OnAir Radio as their radio automation software for all their 18 radio stations all across India. The main reason for Rajasthan Patrika to order OnAir Radio is that the software from Caliope fulfilled all the requirements for managing centralized FM radio.

Managing 18 radio stations across India from 1 central location

FM Tadka wanted to operate all their 18 stations from their headquarters in Jaipur. The 18 different playlists for all their 18 stations are made in Jaipur from one planner and one library. As soon as the playlist are made in Jaipur, all 18 stations will automatically load their own playlists. Any changes in the central playlist in Jaipur will automatically be synchronized with all 18 radio stations. Commercials for all 18 stations are also planned in Jaipur and will also be automatically synchronized.

With the software from Caliope FM Tadka is able to run their 18 radio stations in a very efficient way.

Tadka FM Studio


Location: Bruges, Belgium


VBRO from Bruges, Belgium manages 4 radio stations (VBRO,  POP Radio 3, VBRO Evergreen, Brugs Ommeland) and with our software.

The biggest station (VBRO) a nationwide station uses our edition system to broadcast different commercials to 8 different regions.

Managing 4 radio stations across Belgium from 1 central location

vbro studio