Support contract

You can enjoy our first class support by obtaining a support contract. With a valid support contract you are entitled to:

  • All updates and new versions of our software
  • Unlimited Skype or Telephone support during business hours. (Contact us for 24/24 support)
  • Remote support via Remote desktop software (we use Teamviewer)

Getting support

Caliope Service Desk

If you have a question, an issue to report or a wish for a new feature you can use our service desk.


If you have any issue to report or have a wish for a new feature you can send your message to:


For remote desktop support we use Teamviewer.


We can be reached on Skype on: info_caliope


We can be reached by telephone on: +31 (0) 20 365 21 86


For a quick chat session, we useĀ Messenger.